about me

Forty-something stay-at-home who is seeking to truly live. Observer. Question-asker. Daughter, sister, wife, mom. Loves: creativity, people with vision, people who aren’t scared to wrestle with BIG things, redemption, grace, pink tulips, the fish tacos at Pesacados, my daughter’s laugh, my church, the sound of son’s footsteps running down the hospital hallway, the right side of my husband’s neck. Hates: ironing, denial, anyone telling me I can’t do something, variegated vinca major, fear.

“Almost Jean”? What’s that all about?

This is a blog. Not all of me. It’s my interpretation of life and what I see around me. I’m showing you parts of me at my own pace. I am more than bytes and helvetica.

I am also convinced, that I am not all that I am meant to be. I am a person in progress. My Lord knows who I am ultimately, and He will get me there one day. So for now, I’m almost.

“Uncles?” What kind of blog title is that?

I have 4 older brothers. As a young girl, each engaged in what they would label their brother-duty of causing me drama. Often that meant tickling. I still have nervous tick when anyone points a finger at me. That finger makes me want to kick someone … you know where. Brothers tickle-torture younger sisters until we are on the verge of undie-changing embarrassment. My brothers were stronger and wouldn’t stop until I said “uncle.” I gave-in, frequently, to their over-powering strength and awesomeness.

These days “Uncle” means something else to me. First, I’m more familiar with self-defense moves and (since I’m married) am more informed on the tender parts of the male anatomy.

Now there is someone else in my life. I give Him my “uncles.” Sometimes willingly. Other times, not so much. But, I trust Him. My Jesus is all. He gives Himself to me, and I surrender. These are my real “uncles.” They are the stories of a girl trying to figure out how to be ALL His, not just ALMOST.

Fall 2011